Thursday, May 8, 2008


And I wasn't crying.
When I went to put my Ravelry bag into my work bag at the end of the day I saw a bunch of loose stitches waving at me. I have a Denise set and the needle tip had popped off the cable. It wasn't broken, fortunately, just untwisted. Since I carry my tool kit with me, and it include several scraps of yarn, I was able to catch the loose stitches (39. But 15 were still on the needle tip) and move on with my life. Luckily, since Cascade 220 has some grip to it, nothing ran.
I was starting to think it was time to switch to a longer cable anyway. I'm also starting to think the bag is getting a bit big to be a traveling project. But it's all stockinette stitch and that is so convenient to have at the office when I'm just proofreading or doing something else that requires focus and a fidget distraction.
I've worked 11 rows of white so far. The bag is measuring 20 deep now. I think I'll do 5 more white, then 15 green and then do the flap already. I'm also considering stopping after the 15 white and going straight into the green flap. But I'll have to see how tall it is. Of course I didn't do a full swatch with felting it an all, so I don't know how much it will shrink height wise.
One fun thing, since it's a bag, I can put the active yarn ball and the other colors inside it. That cracks me up. Well, it is going to be a knitting bag, so it's practice.
I finished knitting and blocking the monarch scarf on Tuesday. It was a very warm day yesterday, so the scarf was dry by Wednesday night. The only place I can block things is pinned to towels in the attic. The pups have access to everywhere else in the house. Since I don't usually bother to block things, this is not usually a problem.
Oh, forgot to mention, we didn't have a good piggy pink in stock over the weekend. So I didn't buy yarn for a felted piggy. Probably just as well really, I have so many other projects going on.
Ok, it's bedtime, so I must go. But I'm also thinking I really should start using labels/tags so the blog is sort of searchable. I wonder if I can double back and do that?

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