Sunday, May 4, 2008

Green did not make me happy

Not only did the green yarn not make me happy, it added to my frustration. It is a different dyelot than what I've been using. But I went ahead and bought it anyway, what else is a girl to do?
This does reinforce a few axioms we already knew. First, happiness can neither be bought nor found in an inanimate object. Second, always buy enough yarn at the beginning of the project so you don't have to worry about running out. Of course I was only planning to use one green and one white for this bag, so I didn't realize I would need extra. It just grew out of control.
What did you ask? What is "dyelot"? sigh. When companies dye yarn they have a recipe they follow for each color. But each time they make it, it might come out a little different. Like when you make your chicken soup recipe from memory. So there might be variables from one batch of celery green to the next. Hence the dyelot number so you can ensure you are getting yarn from the same batch.
Now, I didn't take my bag to the store, so I wasn't sure how far off the color was (not that I had a choice, as I've already mentioned) and I don't remember colors true. So I won't really know until I get it in the sunlight, but the new ball seems ok, if a little more yellow. And as you can see from the pictures, it is just fine.
The bag annoyance didn't stop there. In a quite moment, I snagged one of the books of felted purse patterns and it cheerfully informed me that felted items (bags in this case) shrink more in height than they do in width. Now, my bag is already out of proportion, so I wasn't very happy to read this. I was explaining my dilemma to Pam and she suggested I make the bag taller to avoid it being shaped like a bagette. She also mentioned the steam coming out of my ears tipping her off that I was upset.
Making it taller is totally doable. I just have to open up the bind off, then pick up stitches around the cast on, and I'll be ready to work in the round. We decided I should do a white stripe and then a green one to keep the pattern sensible and to conserve yarn for the cursed flap. I think it was when I was talking about the flap that the steam started.
Anyway, the bag has been kicked to the curb for a while. I did a few rows on my Arrgyle Socks. But mainly I've been working on the scarf based on my Cat Pajama's socks that Cynthia wants. I'm probably halfway through the ball of Alchemy Monarch. Of course the bag will probably make a comeback tomorrow, I'll need something mindless to work on when I'm suffering from writer's block.

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