Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lies and Misinformation

It was the glowing blue light that tipped us off something was going on.
We were relaxing in the living room after dinner; Hubby was watching the Yankee's game and I was knitting, as we do, when the dogs started getting upset.
Instead of being in my lap, Baru was laying on the far side of the big couch, as he does sometimes, I guess it's cooler. From there he has a clear view through the dining room and green room out into the backyard. He started growling, but we didn't think anything of it since he growls at his own reflection sometimes. But then Samson, who was on the floor playing his game were he balances his ball against the coffee tables and tries not to let it roll away, got interested. He ran over to Baru and started growling and barking, too.
So I got up to investigate, and saw the blue light.
Of course, with all the trees in the backyard having leaves now I couldn't see much. It was like a full moon, only brighter. Maybe it has the quality of a camera flash, but if it stayed on rather than lasting only for a few seconds. The trees were lit up in great relief, it was like every leaf was outlined. I thought maybe a helicopter was over head, but the only thing I could here was the low rumble of the gravel train going by on the tracks by the river.
I didn't go outside because the dogs were pretty freaked out. They were whining and whimpering like they were having a bad dream. Hubby was saying I was being silly, until he finally leaned forward and saw just how strange the quality of that light was too. But, since we couldn't really see or hear anything, we decided it must be a helicopter and it was probably over Derby so we couldn't hear it but we could see it's spotlight.
It's amazing the things we'll make up to explain things.
Imagine how we felt the next morning when we woke up and heard on the news that the Housatonic had been drained.
And not just on the local news. We heard it on BBC World news first (CNN, of course, was doing election coverage, but I think I saw something on the ticker), then we switched to the local channels. But all they were saying was that the water was gone and nobody knew what had happened.

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