Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Project Flashback

In this picture I'm about 20 years old on my Junior Year Abroad in the UK. I'm standing next to a telephone box in Edinburgh Castle in, uh, Edinburgh, Scotland. (Of course, why would Edinburgh Castle be anywhere else?)
I show you this picture not as another attempt to prove I deserve my self-declared nickname, but to draw your attention to the scarf I'm wearing (which I now realize you totally can't see).
(ahha! If you click on the picture you will be taken to a bigger version where you can make out the scarf.)
Not being able to see the scarf clearly is sad, because this seems to be the only picture I have of this scarf. Which is odd considering I used to wear it all the time.
It is a crocheted scarf I made composed (constructed?) of repeating blocks of red, blue, and black squares.
I seem to remember is was cleverly constructed so that the block started out big and got thinner (shorter?) as they progressed to the center, at which point they started getting wide again.
There was a regular pattern to the colors too, but I don't remember if it went "red, blue, black" or "black, red, blue" or "red, black, blue, black" or any of the other countless combinations you can make with three colors. And I can't figure it out from looking at the picture, because I can't see enough of the scarf.
I can tell you it would have been made with an H hook using all double crochet stitches, because for a while that is the only hook size and stitch I used for all my crochet projects. (No, I didn't follow patterns much when I was younger. Why do you ask?)
Also, this scarf was soooo long that I could make a loop that reached my waist and the two ends would still almost reach my ankles. (Why, yes, I have been a Dr. Who fan for years. Why do you ask?)
That was a lot of crocheting.
If I sound a little melancholy about this awesome scarf, it's because the scarf was lost during a move many years ago.
Which is why I'm fairly certain this is the only picture of it, because, trust me, I looked after I realized it was gone (some 5 or 6 years after that picture was taken).
For quite a while now I've also been dragging around one skein each of red, black, and blue Red Heart Super Saver yarn to make a new one.
Why have I not?
Because despite all I can sort of remember about the scarf, these vague scratchings are all I can find that remotely resemble a pattern. And damned if I can remember what they mean.
Really, 32 blocks total? I don't think so.
(Ps. that coat was also in the box. It was a nice coat.)
(PPs. Yes, those are Gonzo bow-biters on my sneakers.)

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  1. LOL! I see red, black, blue. Wow, great pic!