Friday, March 6, 2009

Creeping Along

Sox cuff Despite my laser-like focus on Hubby's Sox Socks recently, I did work on some of my other projects this week.
On Tuesday, I managed about four rows on the Harf.
My mom asked to see the Harf when she was up over the weekend. She thought the yarn was very lovely and soft. I also showed her to prototype, which she thought was interesting. She tried it on as well. It could have been a little deeper for her, perhaps, but I think I can still claim "one size fits most."
I only worked a few rows because I then stopped and hauled out the damn doily.
But I didn't work on it. Instead I was stunned to find there was not a row counter attached to it, and I would have to count stitches to find my place since I didn't have my row on the pattern marked either, that I went to bed instead.
It came back out last night. It was very easy to find where I was. Actually the hard part was I had stopped in the middle of a round, so I had to begin by figuring out if I was on a YO row or a K/K2tog row.
Last night I finished off the central spiral and the two rows before the crochet edging before I put it down.

TV Knitting
We are currently getting caught up on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (which records in Low Def) in a desperate attempt to free up DVR space for 24 and LOST (which are in HD). I don't know about your DVR, but on ours LD shows are worth one or two points while HD ones are worth like five points (as we refer to the percentage of storage space a one hour episode uses), so you can't store as many HD ones.
Our strategy for watching 24 and Lost, with their impossibly slow story lines, is to capture as much of the season as we can before we start watching. This way we can watch two or three episodes in a sitting and see some progress. This is also a good way to combat the random month long breaks shows always seem to take these days.
Important shows like Battelstar Gallactica and Heroes are watch in almost real time. We're also keeping up on Fringe and Damages to conserve space. (boy, howdy, did the current Fringe break blind side us.)

That Was Some Tangent
Where was I?
Right, Terminator: TSCC and the doily.
So, although Terminator: TSCC is poorly written and we are starting to wonder why we are watching it (I mean, really, don't these people communicate? So much false tension is created because they aren't talking to each other. Which is totally contrary to the characters that were established and the life threatening situation they are all in and aware of. Seriously, Samson and Baru could do a better job.) the crochet edging is just a little too fiddly to work while I watch TV.
The first row around involves single crocheting two stitches together with ch5 in between. Which wouldn't be so bad, if I wasn't using a steel hook and size 10 crochet thread.
I should be able to get through it in a few bursts this weekend, even though mom is bringing my niece and nephew up so we can go to the musical at Hubby's school on Saturday.

No Idle Hands First Sox Sock
Since a girl can't watch TV (except for BSG) without some project going (especially when it's bad TV like T:TSCC), I switched from the doily to Hubby's sox.
Which explains the opening picture.
I'm far enough along to see the pattern developing at this point, and I think I did a pretty good job of matching the starting point.
When I was ready to start the second sock, I somehow got it into my head that there were two different stripe sequences working (i.e. that the bright turquoise stripe shows up in two spots and I was going to get the wrong one).
But apparently there is one pattern, and I nailed it.

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