Thursday, March 19, 2009


Guess I'm just a tease.
I know ya'll will be disappointed to hear I didn't work on Sundae last night.
Yeah, I'm mean like that.
I did work on the Harf. I'm about halfway through the second panel repeat on the left hand side.
Actually, there is no "about" about it. I'm on row 20, which is just beyond the halfway mark.
Remember, the goal is three panel repeats to get it to match the right hand side in dimensions. Then both halves need another half panel and I can graft them.
So it's coming along.
Of all my current projects, the Harf is the only one with a legitimate, not self-imposed deadline as the contest entry date is in August.
I worked on Hubby's sock while doing proofreading at work. It is around row 50, so about 40 rows to go before I kitchener the sucker shut.
And the doily is back in the dining room credenza. I should get it done, but the Harf, with it's soft, squishy yarn, and deadline have been calling to me.

Oh, who am I fooling?
We're going to FRANCE!
In July!
It's sooo exciting!
Just me and Hubby. The pups are going to stay home with my mom.
Hubby has developed this habit of abandoning me over the summer to go on these globe trotting "professional development" programs. He is ostensibly learning about the history and culture of these countries so he can give his students accurate information when he is teaching class. But I know he is just taking advantage of the system.
I miss him, of course, but most of they time these trips aren't costing us anything so I'm like "go for it!" because he has always wanted to travel.
When he pulls these stunts people always ask if I'm going as well. Usually the answer is no. We couldn't afford it, and he is on a structured schedule, which usually includes housing, so it's not like we'd even get to be together.
But, since we got married, I've always wanted to go to France with him. He loves wine, and philosophy, which says France to me. I was able to spend a weekend in Paris during my Junior Year Abroad, and well, I just thought it would be an awsome trip.
So this year, he managed to score a program in Paris for a week, learning about French history and culture. This time I was like "Hell, yes, I want to go too."
So I'm going to fly out and join him on the day his program ends and then we'll spend that week running loose across the French countryside. Which means Hubby will get two weeks in France and I'll get one.
We're thinking we'll rent a car and do a road trip.
He's looking into flights and the car and hotel options even as I type.
Well, he'll probably get the flight and the car first. The hotels can come after he figures out our itinerary.
We probably won't spend much time in Paris. He'll have just spent a week there and I've been already, so we'll want to maximize our time in other locations and maybe just hit the highlights so we can have pictures together at the Eifell Tower and such.
Oh, I'm all aflutter.


  1. That is so cool!!!! Just think how close you guys will be to Torino,,,,

  2. Oooo La La!!! I've been to France but have no memory of it. I was four or five, and my sister, Mom and Dad went there for three months. You see, my Mom was born there (Pointiers, pronounced "pwa-tee-aye") (not sure of the spelling either - I may be a letter off). She met my father when he was in the service over there. She was 20 at the time. They married and moved here, and the rest is history. We haven't been back since, which is a shame as my grandmother is now 100 years old!!!

  3. OH - and I can't speak French either... My mom was too busy learning English to teach my sister and I French. She STILL has her accent (45 years later).

  4. My mom moved to the US from Russia when she was eight. But my dad is Irish, so my brother and I never learned Russian since my mom didn't want to exclude my dad!