Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pretty, Icky

Samson cheesecake Samson Cheesecake!
Here is some of that racy content mom's work doesn't want her to see.
Samson would like any Golden Retriever bitches out there to know that he is all dog all the time and they should give him a call.
(Baru would like you to know that he has a squeaky cheese burger toy.)

Sock Drawer!
(Pretty)Sock drawer
Here is a picture of all my handmade socks all clean and snug in their drawer.
The only socks missing are my Rainbow Swirl Socks. One it at the store as a sample of the sock club. The other is...uh, where the frak is my other sock!? It was at the top of the drawer on the panty hose! Where could it have gone? I'll have to check the dining room credenza.
My current sock club socks are also not in here. I have to shorten the foot on the one my test knitter made and I just haven't had time.
Obviously all of the socks I've made Hubby are also absent. It wouldn't make sense to put his socks in my drawer.

Peanut Butter Oil
Icky peanut oil The hazard of eating all natural peanut butter is that it separates. I opened a brand new jar last night for an after work snack. As you can see, my attempt to blend the oil back in didn't go very well. That was only a small portion of it, but it made a royal mess. As you can imagine, the dogs were swarming while this was going on.
They would tell you peanut butter is their favorite, but they would tell you that about most things.

He Pays Attention!
This morning Hubby came down to breakfast and asked if I had noted two stories on the local morning news show, which I had.
The first was that United Illuminating is now charging $75 for that energy inspection program we did last year.
Hubby thought that was devious of them. But I pointed out the program is funded by the state and it makes sense there isn't as much money available. He said he was glad I did it last year when it was still free.

I Think It's Worth It
I would still say people should look into it, despite the new fee. Looking back, I can't swear that I would have done it knowing I'd have to fork over $75 (I definitely would have skipped it if the fee had been the full $300), but I have already saved $100, which would have covered the fee. (Even though it took me a few months to see the savings because I'm on the budget plan.)
(oh, hey, I just checked the site and now people who heat with oil can do it for $75 too.)

Weathering Headaches
The other story was a study out of, um, Boston, linking an increase chance of headaches to warmer weather, ie when the temperature increase. I was like, I could tell you that. The researches got records of emergency room visits because of headaches and cross referenced them to changes in the weather.
Hubby was like now they just have to find out why that happens.
I read an article once that said there was a link to the change in barometric pressure. That article said it didn't matter if it was changing to warm or cool or rainy weather, it was just the change in general that did it. Hubby said it affects his asthma, so he believes it.
Ok, that's about it. Worked on the Harf some last night.
Worked on the laundry.
A girl's work is never done.

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  1. OMG! You're cracking me up with the dogs!! I wish a had a squeaky cheeseburger toy!!! :)