Monday, March 23, 2009

Actually Dropping Everything

cashmere sock swatch This time I really am dropping all current knitting projects for a new project.
I know I said I was going to drop everything when I bought that lovely Mohair Splash yarn the other day, but that didn't pan out. I actually have to focus on the lace pattern I selected for that yarn and my other projects are more pressing.
Or at least they were until I checked my e-mail Friday.
And I'm not suffering a bad case of startitis, goodness knows 3 projects is quite enough to have going at once.
No, it's a bad case of a "call for submissions" for a new book with a May deadline.
cashmere sock swatch close
How much should I say?
I don't know, in the e-mail they said I could pass the information on to my other designer friends. But you know me, I figure the fewer people who know the better my chances are!
(Although I did forward the e-mail to the other staff members at the store, I'm not totally paranoid.)
With the short turn around time I figure I'd better submit a pattern that already exists, so I'm going to send in my Eyelet and Feather Scarf.
I might send in my Cat's Pajama's Socks as well.
In aid of this endeavor, I purchased this lovely skein of Artyarns Cashmere Sock yarn to knit a new scarf. (I don't have the ball band with me, so I'm not sure of the color number.)

And So We Begin
What you are seeing above are shots of my stockinette stitch swatch. The editor wants the gauge for both st st and in pattern. And I had to swatch it anyway to make sure I could stick with the US6 needles my pattern calls for.
I took these pictures out on the patio table, it was such a nice sunny day on Sunday, so the color should be fairly accurate.
This picture of the start of the scarf I took Sunday night on the office desk, so it doesn't do my work justice at all! Cashmere sock scarf
I'm sticking with the cute little accessory size scarf from the original pattern, so I expect this to knit up in no time.
Well, aside from being slowed down tomorrow night because I'm considering crashing a class at the store. Won't be able to knit on my project in class.
But once this blue scarf is done it's back to the Heart Harf, the doily, and Hubby's Sox Socks.


  1. Oh My Goodness. That is gorgeous yarn. LOVE it. Loving the pattern too.

  2. Wow, that yarn sure is nice!