Monday, March 9, 2009

Drop Everything

mohair splash desk I am not a big fan of white.
I prefer silver to gold.
I'm not really into glittery stuff.
So would someone like to explain why my brain shut off when I noticed this yarn at the store on Sunday?

Ooooh, Shiny
This is Mohair Splash from Artyarns. (not that I was able to find it on their website.)
It is composed of a strand of silk strung with glass beads and sequins held together with a strand of mohair.
It is similar to their Beaded Mohair and Sequins, if you are familiar with that yarn, but with less beads and sequins. (that should take you to a poorly lit picture I tried to take of the spacing.)
We've had this yarn in the store for a little while now in other colors.
I've seen it and thought it was pretty, as most of the yarn we carry is (especially the Artyarns stuff), but Sunday was either the first time we've had this white one or the first time I've noticed it.

Inappropriate Venom
I was so smitten, I immediately had to start disparaging it in order to distance myself from it.
I said it was a "mom color" and I wasn't old enough to wear such colors (yet).
P replied, "Some people would call it a classy and sophisticated color." mohair splash hand
I said, "We both know I'm neither of those."
But, despite my best efforts, I still circled back to it any chance I got.
P advised me to just buy it already, noting I have not been so smitten with a yarn in quite a while.
(Am I growing immune, surrounded by such fibery goodness on a regular basis? Or am I just so deeply involved in so many deadline projects that I've actually developed some focus?)

Nefarious Plans
This one skein is 165 yards (151 meters), which should be enough for a little accessory scarf.
I'm already hatching plans and spent some time last night flipping though my stitch dictionaries looking for the lace stitch I have in mind.
Sadly, I think my best bet will be to swatch with other yarn first. If you've ever frogged a project with mohair in it, you know what a difficult task that is. And I don't want it getting manky.
Still, the swatching I have in mind will only be one, quick pattern repeat, which shouldn't keep me from my beloved for too long.

What Other Projects?
I worked a few rows on the Harf last night. And I'm just about ready to start the heel flap on Hubby's Sox Socks.
I didn't get much knitting done over the weekend. I was down for the count with a bad head for most of the day Saturday. Then my mom, niece, and nephew came up for the play at Hubby's school (and dinner, which tanked the evening). But the food was good and the play (Bye, Bye Birdie) was fun, so I guess it was an appropriate trade off.
Ok, back to work


  1. That sure is pretty yarn!!

  2. It's gotta be the mohair mojo. The softy, sparkley, gorgeous..... ooooh ahhhhh. Yep.