Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Was In the Air

sundae sewing Which inspired me to haul Sundae out for a little attention.
(Yes, I am using an old picture.)
The expectation of even more warm weather makes me think I should finish this thing so I can actually wear it this summer.
Don't get all excited, though, it's still not done.
I am so close, and yet so far from done.
I have to knit enough trim to reach up the last front slope and shoulder strap.
And then I have to sew the trim down.
And then I have to sew the shoulder straps in place.
THEN I'll finally be able to wear it.
I expect this to take at least another month (but I won't drag it out on purpose just to make my prediction come true).


  1. OH!! Bad Ann! You made me forget all about Sundae with your other lovely projects!!!

    Sundae Sundae Sundae Sundae....

    Gooooooooo Sundae!

  2. It sure is looking pretty!

  3. It looks stnning can't wait for you to finish it.....c'mon!

  4. Old picture or not - it sure looks lovely.