Saturday, March 7, 2009

Making Myself Paranoid

12 inch doilyFirst up, I've conquered the damn doily!
I was able to knock out the edging last night while Hubby was playing Madden football and before we started watching T:TSCC (which is still being stupid. So much false tension. And this one computer geek was responding unrealistically to an AI situation.)
doily detail(remember, you can click a small picture to see a larger view.)
Again, being paranoid, I did not cut the yarn, but stuck a safety pin through the last stitch to keep it live.
I had a moment of grand annoyance after I wet it down and pseudo-blocked it out (I didn't pin it, just stretched it with my hands and smoothed it out) because it was measuring 13 inches.
Really I was ready to shriek, but I had hopes it would shrink down a bit when it dried.
Which, happily, it did. Some parts might measure 12.5 inches, but basically it's 12 inches across, which is close enough for me!
Now I can move ahead and make the other two. phew.

Bad Novel Choice
As for the title of this post.
My library offers free digital audio book downloads. They used to only work with PCs, but now some titles are compatible with Macs and iPods, which is thrilling, except of course for the title I really want (Brisingr). So I got I am Legend instead, which I've never read but we saw the Will Smith movie last year.
I don't usually do the horror thing as I'm much too suggestible. Ask Hubby, it's really not pretty at all.

Can We Defend This Place?
So now I'm wondering how defensible the house is.
Really, zombie attacks and Mad Max type situations were not top-of-mind when we were house hunting.
Of course the front of the house is open to assault, but we have ravines on either side, which should help.
The ground drops off pretty steeply on the kitchen side, so we should be safe there. But the dining room side has the yard. Because of the ravine on that side, they couldn't approach head-on en mass, but they could still get to it fairly easily.
Samson 1109Of course, the back of the house is practically all glass, which is cause for concern.
Most of the back porch is over the ravine, but one corner of it is over the back yard.
Between the inaccessibility, the alarm system, and the dogs, I think we're safe from human intruders, but a determined, blood-sucking monster might not be so easily deterred and could probably climb up.
I might have to revisit the Zombie Attack Plan thread on Ravelry (password required) to see how to address this situation.
And people wonder why I don't sleep well when Hubby is out of town.

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  1. I love the doily!! Congrats!! Yea, you might worry about monsters coming in, but what about the monsters that ARE in already? Years ago, I saw a Twighlight Zone film about a finger monster that lived in sink drains! I am terriffied!