Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Half Harfed

half harfThe Harf, my dears, is finally worth photographing.
Not that I can get a good picture of it.
The day is rather overcast and gloomy, and even with the dining room light cranked to the max, the camera flash went off and washed it out. It's hard to take a good picture of red yarn.
Well, it's just hard for me to take a good picture.
Anyway, this is the first half of the hood bit. Remember, I will be doubling back later to work the scarf ends down from were the blue circle is.
(The blue circle is the, uh, short circular cable out of my Denise set held closed by attaching both ends to a single extender. Which will make total sense if you have a Denise set.)
I've worked to my target number of stitches, actually two stitches more than planned. When I hit the target it didn't seem to measure quite the 17 inches I was aiming for, which would be a difference between the Invernal yarn and the Cascade 220. I have three full heart panel repeats.
At this point, I've transfered the center stitches to a piece of scrap yarn so I can:
  1. Take an accurate measure of the depth.
  2. Use this needle to start the other half.
I'm going to work the second half to match, but I'm already thinking I'll have to work this half for more rows before I join them.
As it stands now, I think the hood bit will be a little to small (short?) length-wise, i.e. ear to ear, to fit over my head comfortably.

Getting Centered
Since I can't just work extra plain rows in between the two halves, I'm thinking I'll have to workharf curve another half repeat of the cable panel on each one. The top on one and the bottom on the other. Then I'll be able to work the graft over row 17 or 18 of the panel, which are the rest rows between the heart points in the center of the panel.
With the rest rows between the panels, this will add about 18 rows to either side. But I think that will work out.
I had wanted the ribbing on the scarf to end right around the collar bone for the switch to the reverse stockinette stitch for the hood. It will fall a bit below the collar bone, but should work out.
I might also work a few more increase rows, since I'm working extra rows anyway.
I like the way it curves a bit. This is probably because of the way I have the increases spaced toward the center rather than right on the ends. I'm also working right and left slanting increases, in an attempt to provide some shaping.
I'd been toying with the idea of trying to shape the top over the crown of the head a bit, but with the curve and the extensive flat part the extra panel will add, I think I'll be fine.
Also, the Invernal has more drape than the Cascade did, which should help with fit.
Ok, I'm working from home today because I've got a bad head because all this crazy weather sucks. I've been upright for about four hours now, which I think is a pretty good run. So I'm going back to bed.


  1. Oh, I despise taking pictures of red yarn!

  2. Looking good Ann! I totally the red. The best "lighting" I think is full sun for it. You get orangey shots but at least the detail shows up.