Friday, March 20, 2009


Talk about fancy socks.
A company called Borealis Sweaterscapes has these awesome sock patterns with landscapes ranging from cows in a field to trees in autumn.
You can see pictures of them here.
I remember stumbling across this web page when I was a new knitter living in New Hampshire. As soon as I learned to knit, I started knitting socks, so it makes sense that I found this page fairly quickly during all my internet searching for sock making info.
And these patterns filled my little heart with greed.
Of course, at that time I figured it would be forever before I was a good enough knitter to manage a pair of socks like this, what with all the intarsia and such. Shoot, I didn't even know what intarsia was at the time!
There are kits for two of the patterns available from Peace Fleece here. (scroll down)
Although it crossed my mind at the time to get a kit and have it on hand when my skills are up to snuff, I didn't because at over $30 it seemed rather pie in the sky.
But after finishing the Pirate Arrgyle Socks, a little bit of complication doesn't scare me! arrgyles done
I see now that the patterns alone aren't that expensive, but to then buy full skeins of yarn just for the little bits of color will get rather pricey.
I wonder whether the leftover yarn from my TipToe socks would work at all? Hmm, probably the wrong colors.
I'm not even sure which pattern I would want, I like the autumn road and the cows are amusing, but the lighthouse is really nice too.
Obviously, more thought needs to go into this since I haven't thought about them seriously in a while.
The next time I have found money to spend....which could be a while in light of our fancy trip this summer. Hey, plane tickets, round trip, were only around $650! I expected it to be much more.
Have you realized yet that I'm telling you about these cool socks because I didn't get a lick of knitting done last night?


  1. Wow, great socks! is intarsia something like tunisan crochet?

  2. Forget the socks... I printed out the free pattern of the Lighthouse Sweater!!!! :) I may never knit-it, but I love it! Thankee Ann!