Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Furry Little Creeps

All three of them!

Knitting Update
First up, though, we were at the in-laws for the weekend, I took Monday off work, which is why I've been scarce the last few days.
I took the doily stuff and Hubby's Sox to work on.
I took the finished doily as well, so show my mother-in-law. They are for her friend, after all, and she hasn't seen it. She thought it was quite lovely. I was able to work through row 25 over the weekend. I believe I determined the center needs to go to row 60. Of course, this one will go much quicker since I won't have to fiddle around trying to reach the correct diameter.
Hubby's Sox has been turned, picked up, and gusset decreased. I'm on row 36 on the foot with a goal of 75 before starting the toe decreases. I was able to work on the sock in the car on the ride home, since it is plain old stockinette stitch and I don't have to look at it.

Harf Stuff
The Harf didn't get to make the trip. When I was working the first half, I ended up attaching a second ball of yarn to the bottom half of the provisional cast-on to test working the pattern down from that point in order to ensure my crazy construction would work.
This made it rather cumbersome to drag around the house from storage in the dining room to the living room so I could work on it.
This second half does not have an extra ball of yarn hanging from it, but I still think of it as cumbersome to travel with.
Anyway, I did work on the Harf last night after we got home. I was tired of working on thin and thinner (sock, doily).
I did end up deciding against trying to flip the cables. It might look more funky than cool to suddenly have them switch direction at the peak of the hood. And I wasn't looking forward to either reworking the entire section, or attempting to jerry-rig the cables.
However, I did discover a new mnemonic to help me remember the cable cross.
Previously, it was first cable front. But last night it finally registered that on this half the first cable is the back edge of the piece, so back/back, front/front still sort of helps.
Speaking of the Harf, the other day someone found my blog by searching for "harf knitting pattern." I wonder if they were disappointed when they realized I don't have a pattern available yet? Although they did look around a bit.
Still, it surprised the daylights out of me that someone should search on "harf." I mean, it's not like I really thought I'd invented a new word when I dubbed it that, but I still thought I was terribly clever.

Puppy Tailbaru car 1126
So, about the dogs.
We were at the in-laws because this was the first weekend of Hubby's spring break.
Despite knowing first hand how hard he works during the school year, and how much he needs this two week break, I can't help a childish burst of jealousy that he gets to sleep in while I have to get up.
At least I get to sleep in until 6:30 since I don't have to get up and cook his breakfast.
Well, apparently the puppies had just too much fun at grandma and grandpa's house over the weekend because they didn't come downstairs with me this morning!
Not even Baru, who always comes down with me first thing because he's a mama's boy.
No, pups came stumbling down around 7, just as I was getting ready to go back upstairs to get ready for work. And, of course, they wanted to be let out right then, and they wanted their breakfast as soon as they came back in.
And I complied, because they are terribly spoiled puppies.
To add insult to injury, they were both back in bed with Hubby by the time I got out of the shower (and Baru was the one in the prime spot on my pillow).
Oh well, at least Hubby is doing the grocery shopping alone while I'm at work.
In case you're wondering, Hubby was up around 8 when I was getting ready to leave the house and he expressed appropriate appreciation for me making his coffee.


  1. And did you yell "TRAITORS!!" at the puppies? I do it when I catch the MOnsterling in any one else's lap.

  2. Oh My! All of them in bed but you. That is terrible!!!

    And, here I thought you were terribly clever, coming up with a new word (harf) and all.....