Monday, November 10, 2008

Arrgyle Progress

arrgyle done1All this time I've been quietly working on my Arrgyle Socks.
I believe I mentioned last week that I had finished the first one? Here it is in all its glory.
The fit is quite nice.
I have some issues with the way the stitches spread out/open up on the leg. I'm not sure if it is a gauge thing, a pattern thing, or a yarn thing. Probably a combination of all three. I suspect that if it wasn't for the pattern, with all the color changes, the spreading wouldn't be as obvious.leg sts close

At the same time, I really suspect the skulls have a lot to do with it because the spreading on the foot isn't half as bad. I wonder if it will relax a bit after I start washing it? I hope it doesn't relax to the point of unraveling; some of my tails were on the short side.

I Can Learn and Adapt
This is all useful information that I will apply to the Tartan Socks when I finally get around to making them as they will foot sts closebe out of the same yarn. They won't have the skull to contend with. I also intend to address the fact that my argyle pattern is a bit wonky, the accent lines don't always cross on the same row as the diamonds intersect. By the time I realized that I was on my third chart and more interested in knitting than redoing it.
There is the possibility that to fix the chart I might have to increase the stitch count, which would address the gauge issue. However, I don't intend to start in on the Tartan Socks until I've had a chance to wear these a few times and see if they fall and how quickly that happens.
Although my intention was to work on these socks just last weekend and then return to the stealth sock, I continued to ignore the stealth sock in favor of these.
arrgyle joining
But Weaving in Ends Sucks
On Saturday I reached the point where I could join the halves of the second sock and work the heel flap. But I quickly realized it would be wiser to weave in all those pesky little ends while the thing was still flat. It will be rather awkward to reach some parts once it is joined.
Of course that was the equivalent of hitting a brick wall.
Is it any wonder I decided to make my little teddy a sweater instead?

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  1. Holy cow! Look at all those ends! It is worth it, though, the socks (or should I say sock) is totally cool!!