Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So Say We All

crazy puppies no red eye That is a reference to new version of Battle Star Galactica, in case you don't recognize it.
I would suggest that President-Elect Obama get the new First Daughters a nice golden retriever puppy (actually, I have two slightly used ones he can borrow), but I'd be afraid of the puppy mills kicking into overdrive as copycats snap up (and abandon) the breed.
Considering the way every little move is scrutinized by the news media these days, I wonder if he will be under pressure to get a puppy from a shelter to set an example?
Of course, he's got bigger things to worry about at the moment.

I'm Sleepy
After waking up at like 4 am yesterday morning, we stayed up until, what, 1 am watching the speeches and such. I'm ready to fall asleep at my desk.
There came a point last night where it was like watching a Yankees or Giants game. Hubby was pacing around and cheering when states fell the way we wanted. The only thing missing was the constant calls to his brothers and dad.
I actually fell asleep sometime around 10 pm, but Hubby woke me up when the West Coast polls closed.
I'm glad it's done. I'm glad the political ads will stop and the news will be about something else. And I'm glad it was wrapped up last night, as opposed to the last two which dragged on with all the recounts.
Now we can all get back to business.

Some Knitting. No Trains.
Between coming back from the trip, the time change, and the election I haven't made the train once this week. Actually on Monday I pulled into the parking lot as it was pulling away from the station. Talk about annoying.
This has cut into my knitting time.
I didn't end up getting any knitting done last night either.
I've been working on my Arrgyle Socks since the weekend. I finished the one that was in progress. I opted for a green toe in an effort to conserve purple yarn. And it amuses me. Pink heel, green toe. I keep meaning to take a picture, but haven't gotten around to it.
I'm working the second sock now. I'm just down to the eyes, which is the 17 strand point you might remember from when I was working on the first one in Philadelphia.
I considered knitting this one straight and putting the skulls on using duplicate stitch, but decided against it in order to conserve purple yarn and to be consistent.
I have discovered that working on an argyle sock with an extra pattern is not conducive to reading—they both require too much concentration.

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  1. Totally. Enough with the political ads and phone calls. My answering machine can't take it anymore. I was seriously considering moving to a "non" swing state! :)

    I think you're going to have to pick something easy for the train. Maybe the trim on Sundae? Just wondrin..... ;)