Monday, November 17, 2008


wee hats 6 Apparently, Hubby is not as enamored of the wee hats as I am.
On Sunday morning I laid them all out on the kitchen island and requested his admiration.
He questioned the need for their existence.
I explained that half were for the store and half were for our tree.
He pointed out they aren't all Christmas colors.
I acknowledged one was purple and protested the rest were Christmas colors (but I kept to myself the opinion that the light green one might be pushing).
I threatened to give them all to his mother because at least she would appreciate them.
He asked how I intended to put them on the tree, asking whether I was just going to stick them on the end of the branches.
Nnnooo, we have extra wire hangers I intend to use.
He yielded to the reality that these adorable little hats were going to end up on his Christmas tree. (Hubby is a bit traditional about Christmas decorations.)

But it doesn't stop there!
He disparaged the Arrgyle Socks the last time I was working on them. The comment was something like they are such nice socks in such lovely colors—and then there is a skull and crossbones on them.
I dismissed his regret with, "But it's funny!" Besides they aren't for him.
See if I make him pirate socks any time soon (although I'll probably end up making him run of the mill argyles.)

Well, that makes up for it.
So I was standing there Sunday morning considering whether this behavior warranted rethinking our relationship, when he handed me a fancy omelet for breakfast and I realized he was wearing a pair of socks I had made him.
And I realized he's kind of handy to have around.
Even if he doesn't like my little hats as much as I do.

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  1. Awh.... I believe he was just "working it" trying to get you to make HIM something else! Ha Ha I love those little hats.

    Plus, anyone who can make an omelet without blackening the eggs (Paul....) is worth keeping around.