Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm Not Telling You Who To Vote For

I'm just telling you to vote!
It's your civic duty and an important right to exercise.
I'd like to also remind you that if you are a woman or a minority a lot of people fought long and hard to get you this right and it's sort of insulting for you not to take advantage of it.
I'm in the camp that believes "If you don't vote you can't complain." I mean, really, it's like saying you don't care what's for dinner and then complaining when you are served something you hate. Even if your guy doesn't win, at least you can be like "Well I didn't vote for this joker."
Also, think about all the people in foreign countries who don't have the right to vote. Some of them are fighting and dying for something many Americans ignore or take for granted. How are we supposed to be a leader in the world if we don't set a good example?
Those people in foreign countries also sometimes travel for a day or more and then wait in long lines to vote. So don't be put off. Take your knitting or crochet, go get in line, and cast your ballot!

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