Friday, October 31, 2008

Crowning Moment

coronet doneCoronet she is done!
Really I had finished it sitting at the gate in Orlando waiting to fly home, but I had once again packed my scissors in my checked baggage, so I couldn't wrap it up.
Instead I switched to working on my Arrgyles.

It's Too Big
But back to the hat.
I worked the crown for the 8.5 inches called for in the pattern, but after working through the second decrease row I tried it on and realized it was going to be too big/tall.
To have the top of the crown snug I would have to pull the brim down to my nose. To have the brim over my ears I would have had a lot of excess fabric over my head. It would have been baggy and unattractive. And, considering my rejection of the green fuzzy hat for flopping in my eyes, we've established I don't like over sized hats.

Fixing the Fit
coronet topSo I pulled out 12 rows, which dropped me down to about 7 inches from the bottom of the cable band, and started the decreases from that point.
I settled on this number by counting the number of rows required to make all the called for decreases and found it about the same as the excess number of rows I had.
I also switched up two of the decrease rounds called for. It was progressing with fewer numbers of knit stitches between decreases, then suddenly had a row that was all decreases, then went back to knit stitches in between. Although I trusted it would work out properly, I was concerned the all decrease round would disrupt the line of decreases, so I kept the progression up and had two all decrease rounds at the end.
I think the way the pattern was written probably had something to do with the multiple sizes, but I didn't think to hard about it.

Hats are Good
Coronet was a quick knit, took me about a week, and I think I will enjoy wearing it.
I can see the appeal of making hats. They are small, like socks, so they are portable and easy to finish.
However, unlike socks, they don't have the excitement of the heel turn and a girl can only wear so many hats in one season, whereas she needs to wear socks almost every day.
Which means hats will be those rare as needed projects, unlike socks which are all the time projects.

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  1. Love it! Gorgeous yarn too, I must say. Sorry you had to do some ripping. The decreases in the crown look great, though. Onward..... right? What's next?