Monday, October 13, 2008

No Go

The energy assessment didn't happen.
We had waited for about 45 minutes when Hubby suggested I call to see where they were. I was told the crew wasn't working because it was Columbus Day, a fact I had questioned when the appointment was set. The dude said someone was supposed to call me to reschedule, well obviously they didn't. Now they are supposed to call me first thing tomorrow and I'll have to take a vacation day.
The best part was an auditor from UI was at the house to assess their work, which I told the dude on the phone.
A few hours later someone called Hubby to apologize for the inconvenience. That person said the crew had called in sick. Uh, huh. My suspicions are fueled by them knowing about the auditor, however the auditor was long gone so how could that help them?
One good thing is the auditor said this company we're working with is one of the best and actually trains the other companies in the program.

Yard Work on an Autumn Day
Another good thing is Hubby and I got tons of yard work done. He was already outside mowing when it all fell apart. The plan was he'd take the pups out with him when the guys arrived and I'd be in the house to observe.
Well, when they weren't showing up I got bored, went out front and started sweeping the porch. That turned into raking the driveway. Hubby mowed and trimmed the hedges.
The house looks all spiffy again. The raking wouldn't have gotten down if the guys had shown up because I wouldn't have been out there helping.

Iris Plant Goes Down
But that's not the only outside stuff I did.
On Saturday I attacked an overgrown Iris plant in the side yard. A previous owner had planted it and I haven't divided it in the three years we've been here. It was starting to choke itself.
I was at it for two or three hours. I had to dig it up, which wasn't easy because the roots were so dense and our soil is so rocky. I even had to pop a section of the picket fence out so I could attack it from all angles.
It was so tangled up that I had to bust out the garden shears and just hack at it to break it apart. I ended up with probably two dozen plants when I was done.
Thankfully, Hubby arrived home from the debate then and I had an excuse to toss everything in the shed and collapse. I did dig a trench along the fence and replant about 8 plants first.
This morning I woke up bright and early (which was annoying on a holiday Monday) and went straight outside and planted the rest of the plant.
That little adventure ended up taking two hours as well. There is a weird berry plant thing that keeps growing in one of my flower beds. It has really thick roots, which I think is how it propagates, and black berries in a grape cluster. Well, I went crazy uprooting it. Ended up digging up one entire flower bed and a hole at least a foot deep.
The worst part is it will probably be back next year.

A Fuzzy Supervisor
Samson got tons of fresh air this weekend.
Since he is a good puppy who just wants to be with his human I let him be in the front yard with me while I was attacking the Iris. And he followed me around while I was raking. He kept an eye on Hubby, but he doesn't like the lawnmower and other noise equipment.
The only issue we had on Saturday was when someone walked by the house and Samson started to follow him. I turned just in time to see his tail disappearing around the hedge. But he came right back, straight to me, sat down looking all contrite, and gave me his paw. He looked very sheepish during my lecture about being a bad puppy.
Baru stayed in the house. He doesn't like to be outside anyway, and his little brain can't handle the excitement of being in the front yard, so he runs around like a maniac. It's worrisome and just easier on everyone not to include him.

Did I Mention How Lucky I Am?
Just as I finished planting everything this morning Hubby called me in for breakfast. He had a lovely veggie omelet waiting. With a bowl of strawberries on the side. I swear sometimes it's like being at a bed and breakfast.

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  1. Wow. My back was hurting just thinking about all that digging. I'm sure you will be well rewarded in the spring. I'm jealous about the breakfast! The only breakfast I get is "flash fried" black eggs.... "no thanks honey..." ;)