Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Dangers of Digital Cameras

Back when film ruled the Earth, you would only get a series of pictures like this at the end of a roll.
samson eye
samson squint
samson mouth
samson smile
baru face
But with a digital camera, without the cost of developing the film, you can take goofy pictures whenever!
So most of those are Samson who was sitting up on my lap preventing me from doing anything else. I held the camera up to the side and behind my head and snapped away. The last is of Baru who was minding his own business on the floor.
They are all on Fliker, so if you want to see a bigger version of Samson's nose you can click the picture and be taken to my photo stream.
This photo shoot was on Sunday. The attempt to photograph my hats was on Tuesday, so maybe Hubby was correct that the puppies are trained to expect the camera to involve them.

Speaking of Hubby
He's home from school today. But he hasn't called me once. This is really strange because he usually calls me multiple times to ask me stuff when he is home. When he was off last Tuesday he called me three times while I was in a staff meeting(!). The whole team got to hear our grocery list.
Maybe I shouldn't worry. I didn't leave him a to-do list today. He is probably just mowing the lawn and doing other man-stuff that I don't have to consult on.
Hubby praise: On this Tuesday the train home was delayed for an hour. I didn't get home until 7:30. I had called Hubby with updates so he could time dinner. When I finally arrived home he had dinner started and was in the process of feeding the pups so I wouldn't have to. Isn't he lovely?

Still Stealth Knitting
Yeah, so it's obvious by now that I have no knitting to talk about. The thing about designing a sock, or other item to be worn, is that you end up making it multiple times to tweak and proof the design. This isn't usually a problem, and can even provide blog fodder, unless no one is supposed to know anything about the sock until the pattern is released.
Although I had finished that sock last week, I had some changes I wanted to make and I wanted to recheck the numbers, so I ripped it all out and started over.
I've turned the heel! You think turning a heel is tricky? Try doing it on the train, which might prevent you from doing it all in one shot so when you get back to it you have to sit there and go "knitting or purling?" Gives new meaning to the phrase "mind the gap."
Now it's just down the foot and to the toe and I'm done again.
Once this size small one is done I'll have to work at least part of the large size to double check those numbers before I hand it over to a test knitter.
It's a very involved process this sock design business, at least it is if you are going to expect people to pay good money for your pattern.
Good think I'm having fun!
As for my urge to knit a hat yesterday—gone. It was 58 degrees when I left the house this morning and at least that now. Shoot, almost makes me want to get Sundae out again.

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  1. Love the abstract photos!! ;) The pups do love to be photographed.

    Are you sure you don't want to knit the hat because I issued a challenge? ha ha ha

    Just kidding, you know. Finish the sock. Did you find a test knitter yet?