Thursday, October 30, 2008

Three Miles. 12 Hours

How can I miss my puppies when I have little reminders of them all over my clothes?

According to my little pedometer I walked 2.7 miles yesterday and burned over 200 calories. Which might make up for that mini Snickers and mini Twix I ate, but probably not the cheesecake petite fore (sp?)
Boss Man and I conferred, agreed we were both exhausted and skipped the event last night. Which turns out to be just as well because I passed out around 6:30 pm and slept until 8:30 pm when Hubby called to see what I though of the Obama spot. Then I passed out again until 5:50 am. So I guess I was really, really tired.

Coronet continues
coronet sideDespite that, Coronet is around 6 inches now. I took some pictures in the hotel mirror, not that you can see them at the moment. Actually, I fell asleep with my knitting on the bed but moved it after Hubby called.

Breakfast Horror Story
This is not for the faint of heart!
I went to the deli, which has such good cold sandwiches, to get an egg sandwich for breakfast. I was suspicious because I couldn't see a griddle anywhere. Turns out I was right to be concerned.
She pulled out two slices of white bread, got an already fried egg from a chaffing dish, and ran the whole thing through the pizza oven/giant toaster thing!
Authentic NY Deli it was not.
It was edible, but not something I want to repeat.
However, I have to say the greasy little potato pancake hashbrown thingys it came with were delicious.
Hopefully I'll have better luck with lunch and dinner.

Raveler in the Wild
I keep forgetting to mention I brought my Felted Ravelry ID Bag as my carry on luggage. While Boss Man and I were waiting for the shuttle to bring us from the hotel to the airport a lady asked what the "agm" means.
Turns out she is on Ravelry too! I didn't get her ID, but we had a little knitting chat.
I debated using my bag for my conference gear as a conversation starter, but it is on the heavy side, so I went with the bag they provide.
Still, first time my bag and I have been commented on out in public.

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