Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Inappropriate Shrieking

Apparently Baru is not the only one in this family who raises false alarms.
After all that yard work this weekend I decided a nice, hot bath would do me good. I don't usually just soak in the tub, I get bored, but I needed it.
I closed the door so I wouldn't have to worry about the room being cold. Then I went from a hot bath to a warm shower.
While I was showering there was a horrible clatter and banging on the shower door. I knew neither puppy was in the room with me. Between the frosted glass and being blind as a bat without my glasses on I didn't know who or what could be attacking me.
So I shrieked a couple times and retreated to the far corner of the tub. Because that is the best way to defend yourself from an invisible or imaginary foe.
Hubby came charging to my rescue. As soon as he opened the door he saw the decorative rack on the opposite wall that holds bubble bath and lotions had collapsed. He theorized it was because the room was so steamed up.
"Why do you have the door closed?"
"So the room stays warm." duh.

But It Was a Spider
Which reminds me of the time I was drying off after a shower. I looked down and saw a large (from that angle and distance) spider crawling across my chest.
I shrieked and flapped my hands and towel (I might have yelled Spider! Spider!). Because that is the best way to defend yourself from a giant spider.
This time Hubby charged to my rescue to find me glued against the wall standing on the far edge of the tub with my towel out in front of me. Without my glasses on I couldn't see where the spider had gone.
Expecting to find a tarantula, he saw an average black spider on the floor near the bath mat. But he rescued me anyway.

But Where Was He for the Snake?
Which reminds of the time year before last when I was trying to be ultra efficient and do a load of laundry before leaving for work.
Hubby had left for school and the pups were out in the yard when I reached into the washing machine for what I thought was a shoelace or other harmless piece of string.
Turned out to be a poor, drowned garden snake.
The fact that it was dead did not stop me from dropping it on the edge of the washer and proceed to run around the basement flapping my hands shrieking "Snake! Snake!" Of course there was no one to hear or rescue me.
When I got the shock out of my system I assessed the situation and decided the laundry was still clean, so I turned on the dryer then high tailed it out of the basement, slamming the door behind me. We don't think the pups go in the basement when we're not home, but I didn't want to take the chance.
Now if I'd been single, I would have had to pull myself together, get a paper towel, and dispose of the snake myself. But I had Hubby to fall back on and I made him do it.
Why no, he wasn't happy about the situation at all. But at least he was expecting it to be there.

Knitting? What's that?
Yeah, so not much progress on anything. It was a busy weekend. Really, I just wanted to work on some stockinette, but I didn't want to cast on for a new project. I did manage to sew on some more of Sundae's trim.
This week should be more productive.

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  1. That is so funny!! I was laughing out loud! I would have done the same thing. Sometimes I even shriek after I know exactly what the critter is. It's like it has to come out anyway...ya know? :)

    Yay for Sundae!!! It really wants to be done. ;)