Thursday, October 23, 2008

Elephant Pictures

elephants 2clearOk, it's not the best picture in the world, but I'd like to remind you I was on a moving train.
I couldn't get a window seat, but I sat near the door so when the train approached the elephant area I moved to the vestibule.
There are other pictures and versions in my Flickr photostream, but I posted this one because you can tell they are elephants. (That picture is on Flickr. Clicking it will probably be the easiest way to get to my photostream.)
Looking back, I probably should have held the camera up to my eye, and maybe zoomed in (which is alway tricky). But I had it at my waist as I was trying to be sort of inconspicuous. When we approached the elephants I just kept clicking the shutter.
I haven't decided whether I should try again tonight.

A Case for Coronet
The fuzzy green hat has reached its end of life, I think. I wore it yesterday and it is now so stretched out it keep flopping into my eyes. Very annoying. Its current condition is probably due to age, but could also be attributed to the fact that at the end of last season instead of putting it back in the storage bin in the attic like a good like crocheter, I left it hanging on a hook by the back door.
I do have the red elf hat to fall back on, but I really have to be in the mood to be stared at the wear that one. And, since it is a little small, it doesn't cover my ears very well. And winter hat wearing is often about keeping my ears warm.
Which is all tilting the scale in favor of taking Coronet for my trip next week. I'll be looking at two three hour flights, I should make good progress on whatever project I take. The other project in the running is my Arrgyle socks.
Oh, who am I kidding? I'll probably end up taking both. They both fit the main requirement of a good travel project: portability.
They both blow the easy or uncomplicated requirement out of the water. One has a cable, the other has bobbins (or, technically, yarn butterflies). At least neither has a complicated chart. Ok, maybe the Arrgyles do, but it's only one page.
That could be an interesting poll. Top features/requirements of a travel project.
Well, I won't be packing until Monday, so much can change between now and then, there is no point in speculating.
And, yes, like a good knitter/crocheter, I have given more thought to which project to pack than to what clothes to pack (aside from the need to do the laundry).

Sky Picture
sky 102208
And here is a gratuitous picture of the sky yesterday morning at my transfer station. The black lines are the power lines for the electric trains. I've seen better skies, but I had the camera with me and I understand posting sky pictures is fashionable.
I would have posted this yesterday, but as I mentioned yesterday, I didn't have the cable with me.

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  1. That is so cool! Great picture of the elephants. If you wanted to take a picture of them and I was on the train, I would totally understand! So, in essence, you were "Kinnearing" the elephants (a la Yarn Harlot)! HA!

    What color and yarn will you be using for Coronet? I'm thinking of making a red cable hat and scarf for my Mom for Christmas. Someone showed me the Palidrome (sp?) on Ravelry. I love it!