Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Miss My Puppies

Well, totally underestimated the availability of the e-mail kiosks. Or maybe it is just that the first general session is going on right now and I'm blowing it off. ha!
I miss my Hubby too, but the puppies are the ones who sleep on top of me at night. If Hubby slept on top of me I'd be crushed.
So it wasn't a good night of rest. Hopefully I'll be more tired and more used to the room tonight.
Oh, the night light didn't help.
In the bathroom is a hairdryer. On the hairdryer is a little orange light. When I turned out the light on the night stand the orange light lit up the whole front half of the room. It was actually rather freaky. I even got up and tried to hang a towel over it to block it a bit. Didn't help much. And of course the air conditioner kicking on and off all night didn't help. I wish there was a way to travel and still sleep at home.

EduBear coronetI didn't tell you about the adorable teddy bear I snagged on the floor yesterday. He's palm size and had on a little t-shirt. I almost wonder if it would be possible to knit him little sweaters. I was very bad, I just walked by the booth and swiped one without making eye contact. hehehe.
I also got an adorable little pedometer. Those people I talked to, but I'm actually meeting with them so it's all good. Based on the numbers from last night I walked about a mile and a half yesterday. I reset it and put it on before I left my room this morning. I'm already up to half a mile and the day has only just begun.
Ok, I should jet, I have a meeting at 9:30 and I haven't had any tea yet.

And Coronet is moving along. I worked on it last night as I watched "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!"
The crown isn't working up as quickly as I expected, I have a few rows, but the whole thing is around 4 inches and the goal is 8.5 before the decreases start. I attempted to try it on and the fit seems like it will be good.

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  1. You'll need to do the whole 8.5 inches too. I thought that seemed way too long, but it wasn't. Maybe because the stockinette is not as stretchy?

    Come home soon Mom, we miss you and Dad's no fun to sleep with at night! (Baru and Samson)