Tuesday, October 21, 2008

E-Mails to Washington Update

Back when the economic meltdown was just starting to melt down, I threw a little hissy fit and e-mailed my representatives in Washington expressing the opinion that all the corporate executives shouldn't receive big severance packages.
Now I didn't weigh in on the bailout one way or the other, I was just concerned about executive pay.
Then I went into a little pout that no one was getting back to me. After a day or two my narcissistic moment passed and I acknowledged (to myself at least) that they were really rather busy with the negotiating process and I was just going to have to wait for a response.
Although, from the way things unfolded, it did appear they were paying attention to communication from constituents (the phone calls at least).

First up was Christopher Dodd on Oct. 14. His form letter really focused on the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac aspect of the matter and why they went into receivership. Didn't really address the compensation issue.

Next up was Christopher Shays on Oct. 17. His form letter nailed it. He agreed that high executive pay was unacceptable, explained the limitations built into the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, and also explained the oversights required by the act (as a bonus). He also threw in some Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stuff just for good measure.
I have to say Shays' office is good about responding. I get his e-mail news letter too, and it is an interesting skim. I went to one of his local town hall meetings once a year or two ago. It was interesting, but left me a little concerned about some of the views of my fellow citizens.

Last but not least was Joe Lieberman on Oct. 20. Wow, ok, Lieberman's form letter was very long. In fact, I only just now read the whole thing. He explains what led to the melt down, runs through the legislation including executive compensation and the oversight committees, and explains what Paulson did with the first $250 billion on Oct. 14. So, um, I think he addressed my concerns, but he went a little overboard.
Not to be cynical, but his letter also had this line:
The government must publicly disclose the details of every transaction within 48 hours.

And I have to wonder, what will count as public disclosure?

You Can Too!
Well, anyway, I made such a fuss about writing to them at the time, I thought you might want to know the results.
You should try writing to your people in Congress and the Senate some time, it's sort of empowering and also vaguely annoying. But with the e-mail contact me feature on their pages, it's also very easy.
Of course, at this point, you might want to wait until after the election.

Sheep Update
Ok, I confess, the plywood sheep are fine. On the way home, since the approach angle is different, I could see they had moved to a hill in the side yard.
Far away from the plywood bear, I might add.

Energy Efficiency Update
The inspection has been rescheduled for Monday Oct. 27 at 8 am. I figured get it over with, the i can have the afternoon to knit and pack for my (business) trip to Florida.
Downside: Hubby won't be home to control the pups.
Annoying bit: the lady sold me on the idea of using our house for a final certification day for some of the people being trained. She said it would take all day and there would be lots of people, but we'd get a thank you gift. I was all for it, but it was the 30th and I'll still be in Fla.
Oh well, I'll be energy efficient that much sooner.

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