Thursday, October 2, 2008

Questionable Puppy Beds

Here is a picture of Samson settling in for the night—on my side of the bed, which probably indicates where he thinks I rank in the family hierarchy.
Samson in bed Every night we have a routine. He tries to get to my spot before me, then he does his best to look really cute and comfortable (sometimes he pretends to be asleep) so I won't make him move.
Then I grab his shoulders and push him into the middle of the bed, where he usually ends up like a turtle on his back. He usually gives a snort or groan of disgust at my audacity in moving him.
After a minute or two he'll either move to a different part of the bed, or join Baru in the puppy fort.

And here are pictures of Baru in the puppy fort. He's toward the foot of the bed, which is odd because the prime spot is usually under the head of the bed and it was available.
Baru in the puppy fort Baru's butt in the puppy fort
Baru usually starts in the fort. If I go to bed first, he'll jump up into Hubby's spot, but moves fairly quickly when the Alpha arrives. We are more likely to wake up with Baru on our heads than to go to sleep with him there.
Well, now that you know more than you wanted to about our sleeping arrangements....

There was a guy on my transfer platform this morning that had the hilts of three Samurai swords sticking out of his backpack. He was youngish, dressed in a suit. Of course I was dying to know why.
Then another Raveler walked by, I commented on the swords, which she had noticed. Then she dared me to ask. ugh.
So I did, "Excuse me, what's up with the swords?" He was going to a birthday party that night, they were props. boring. But I was like, "So they're plastic?" (which they did appear to be, close up). But he kind of hesitated, then was like "yeah, what did you think I was going to go all 'Kill Bill?'" Which was funny, so I told him someone dared me to ask. And he was like "Tell them it's none of their business unless they want to know for sure." Which was pretty good, but not silly sinister enough.
I considered kinnering him since I had the camera with me, but I'd already talked to him by then so it would have been obvious. Guess I'm also not terribly good at this blogging stuff still.

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  1. That is so cute! We have two geriatric cats in the house and they hate each other. Sophie's territory is our bed, so she's the one we usually have to move around in order to get to sleep. Paul went to kiss me goodnight the other night and instead of my face he got .... fill in the blank here. ;) yep!