Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Uses of Husbands

There are many good uses for husbands. One of my favorites is "taking out the trash." As I was able to get an advanced husband model, mine also cooks dinner every night. yippee!
The poor thing ended up with a long list of errands to run yesterday since his school was closed for Rosh Hashanah. His whole day was taken up, which made him a little cranky. oops.
Among other things, he finally got the camera for the yearbook staff and picked up new rechargable batteries while he was at it. yippee! I put them in to charge last night, so I should be ready for action tonight and won't have to worry about him absconding with it in the future.
If I only had something to photograph.
Well, you can't get it all right at the same time. Just ask Congress. Sorry, cheap shot. In the next election, I'm voting for the grown-ups because we apparently need some adults to lead this country. Maybe it is naive of me, but I always thought our elected officials were somehow smarter or swifter than me. This despite regular demonstrations of the contrary. It's been really hard to hold on to that little illusion recently. sigh.

In other annoying news, one of the little fluorescent lights near my desk at work has been dying a slow and painful death all week. The little ticking sound was driving me batty (battier?).
I was standing under it trying to form a plan of attack, when I made eye contact with one of the tall guys who works at the other end of cube land. (I was debating getting the Guy in the Art Department because he is tall too.) Anyway, Tall Guy Z came over, got a chair, and pulled the bulb out—and the Other AE and the web guy both cheered. I guess it was driving us all nuts.
I also suspect it was why I just couldn't focus on anything at all this morning. And probably contributed to the fact that I've worked four extra rows on my stealth sock heel. I was knitting in a desperate attempt to help myself focus.
Of course, my apparent inability to either count or do math properly might also be a contributing factor to all these extra stitches, but I prefer to blame the light.

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  1. My "model" vacuums, but alas, the cooking is done by me (when I feel like it). He does offer the occasional "flash fried" eggs on the weekend. Uh - no thanks dear... :)