Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Here

I'm here. I'm alive. I haven't been abducted by aliens.
Not that I think I would mind be abducted by aliens at the moment. Well, as long as they brought along Hubby and the pups as well. Really, it might actually be fun. We like to travel.
I wonder if I could access Blogger from outer space?
And I imagine aliens have yarn too. They would probably have cloth of some sort to make clothes, and if it was woven then I could knit with the thread.
Unless they were nudist aliens.
But even then they would need fabrics for other things, right? Like furniture covers, curtians, shopping bags. So I should still be ok.
I wonder if aliens knit or crochet? Those strike me as very basic skills a culture would develop. Didn't knitting start as a way to make fishing nets? Unless the aliens had telekenisis, then they could just will the fish out of the water.
Anyway, if they don't, I could teach them and bring intergalactic peace through fiber. How cool would that be?

No Such Alien Luck
Sadly, I have not been abducted by aliens, nudist or otherwise. No, I've been on the losing side of a battle with a migraine the last few days. Of course, I always seem to be on the losing side.
This might also explain the thus far loopy post you are suffering through.
I did a sick/working from home day Wednesday. This allowed me to finish my article and then pass out, all in my pajamas. I came to the office Thursday, but left after lunch. But yesterday I was also able to get into my naturopath for an acupuncture treatment.
I've found acupuncture rather effective for shorting out a migraine. And it doesn't have the side effects that the all powerful pills do.
I actually did a course of treatments at the beginning of the year that really backed my migraines off, but it also got expensive, so I stopped to give myself a chance to catch up on the bill. Guess I delayed too long.
So I got stuck full of pins, got home and passed out, then was back to my perky self. Just in time, don't want to be suffering with that nonsense over the weekend!

No Such Knitting Either
Add the light sensitivity caused by the migraine dampening my desire to stare at a computer screen, to the fact that I haven't actually been knitting lately, and you get no blog posts.
My hands were a bit sore in the beginning of the week as well, which I attribute to all that yard work over the weekend.
Oh, yeah, all that yard work? Pointless. The driveway is so full of leaves you would never guess I had raked.
Anyway. Even if my hands hadn't been hurting, migraines kill my desire to knit/crochet. In fact the only desire I have during a migraine is to crawl under the covers and die.
But I got the stealth sock out last night and worked a few rows. I'll be ready to write the pattern up soon. I always like to actually work the numbers myself rather than just guess based on sock math and assume things will work out. Especially if there is any kind of pattern that could be affected.
My finishing the sock might not relieve the lack of knitting pictures, however, since I've arranged to swap test knitting with another sock club designer. So I won't be able to discuss her pattern either.
It's all very mysterious.
Ok, gotta go. My soup, which didn't heat up properly in the microwave anyway, is getting cold.


  1. Poor girl. I'm glad you're feeling better. I get "ocular" migraines mostly where the "dance" goes on in front of my eyes and I can't see for about 20 minutes, then I feel like I've had a seizure. Other than that, most of the time no really bad headache, just aches. I guess I should consider myself lucky, if that is the right word to use... ?

    I've never thought of acupuncture, though. Very cool! I might have to look into that.

    Eat that soup! :)

  2. I'm sorry you get migraine headaches. Hope you can continue with your acupuncture. I hear it is good for different kinds of pain. My sister uses it for her arthritis.

  3. I'm sorry you get migraine headaches. Hope you can continue with your acupuncture. I hear it is good for different kinds of pain. My sister uses it for her arthritis.