Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Cute Small Stuff

wee hats trio Aren't they just too cute for words?
And so quick to make! I churned these out yesterday. Ok, I was working on the white one until around 10 pm, which was pushing bedtime, but that was still pretty fast.
There are closer individual pictures of each in my Flickr photostream, which you should be able to reach by clicking the picture.
The pattern is from the Holiday 08 issue of Knit Simple Magazine.
The pattern calls for Cascade 220 yarn, of which I have plenty laying around from the felted flowers I made my mom, the felted wine cozies the gift shop never responded to, and my Felted Ravelry ID Bag. I'm also thinking about using the leftover Lamb's Pride from Coronet.
The pattern calls for US8 dpns, but I used US7 dpns as I didn't like the fabric on the 8s. The hats are about 4" tall when done.

Walk Me Through Them
The red one is the basic pattern in the magazine. I ended it with an I-Cord, but didn't make it long enough to knot. sigh.
Then I did the striped one. That was a bit of a disaster at the color changes when I was working it, huge holes, but I was able to pull the strands tight inside and make it nice. Since no one will be wearing it, I think I'll be safe. I'm considering making a pompom for it.
I'm particularly pleased with the white one. I ditched the ribbed brim, jumping straight into a 2x2 rib and executing a front twist every 3rd row.
I was going to take a break from the little hats today and weave ends instead, but I ended up driving today, so I brought the hat yarn with me.
Now I'm making one in the green yarn leftover from my bag and attempting to do a different cable. But I'm winging the cable pattern, so I don't know how good it will look.

And I'm Making Them Because?
Everyone on the Knitting Central staff is making a few hats which will be attached to a garland and presented to Cynthia as a birthday present. (She already knows, they told her while I was in Florida).
I think I'll stop after six.
Well, actually, I'll stop knitting them for the store after six and start knitting them for me. These would be absolutely adorable as ornaments on our tree. I might even have to make a couple for my mother-in-law and the sister-in-law I'll see at Christmas. I'll consider making one for my mom, I haven't decided. Wow, I've just over committed myself on little hats.
Or I can return to my original plan of keeping these for myself and "liberating" the ones the other staff members make. (insert sinister laugh here.)

Pretty Mini Obsessed
Between teddy's sweater and these little hats, I'm getting inspired to finish the mini sweater ornament I started last year. It goes along with the mini Christmas stocking ornament I took about six months to finish (and which doesn't seem to be in my Flickr set.)
From The Adventures of Traveling Ann
Ahha! It's in the Picasa Album Blogger built for me.
Anyway, the little Christmas sweater is cute, just needs sleeves, and was as big as teddy so I couldn't use it as an easy out.
So you could see this mini business continue for a while.

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  1. I see a little bit of an obsession starting here..... just a wee little one. :) hee hee