Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Consistency Is All We Ask...

Give us this day our daily task."—Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Tom Stoppard.
poncho 15cm1I'm cruising along on the poncho. It's actually a little hypnotic and hard to put down.
It's about 15 cm long at this point and I've performed, uh, 3 increases.
There is the distinct possibility I'm doing my increases in the wrong place. It would appear they are supposed to be in line, in fact the pattern states to perform them in the same place.
I, however, did the second set on the outside edge of the first set—i.e., after completing the first set I didn't reset the stitch markers to the interior of the section, I left them were they ended up. Instead of my poncho growing on the outside of my stitch markers, it is growing on the inside.
In the pattern pictures there is a consistent rib down the center of the poncho and you can kind of see the increases take place on the outer edge.
Well, by the second set, by the time I realized what was happening, it was too late to turn back. So I'm just going with it. I often figure as long as you are consistent you are ok.
This might mean I don't get the nice little points on mine that I can see in the picture. But, oh well.
poncho 15cm2
The colors are pulling up nicely, in my opinion. Really the pattern has a bit of a slip stitch effect, so that might be influencing thing.
Another good thing is the colors seem to be blending in with the puppy fur rather well. Which will make it all the warmer.

Those Previous Errors
After I pulled back, I took another look at the edge stitch. I've decided it is the very first stitch of the round and I've just been knitting the sucker. Consistency is all we ask.
Previously I was trying to incorporate it in the pattern, and that is what was hosing me up.
Now my only problem is my dangling row counter keeps crawling to the right, so I have to remember to move it. I suspect if I put it on the other side of that solo knit stitch it will be more stable, but that would make my life easy.
It is possible I've missed a few yarn overs, again, but the increase are adding to the confusion because on the row after the increase there are stitches that don't have a yarn over. When I encounter one of these potentially yarn overless stitches, I look at the stitches around it and just work it in pattern.
Really, who is going to notice?


  1. I don't think the errors will be noticeable unless the viewer looks closely and carefully. Or, if the viewer doesn't knit. (I don't knit)

  2. Well, heck, all we ask is for any knitting to coordinate with our puppy and kitty hair!!

    Still looking good!