Friday, November 14, 2008

Bad Puppies

From The Adventures of Traveling Ann

As I am still knitting little ornament hats (I've made plain ones in purple, red, and green and am now working on an all-over cable cream one), I thought I'd do a round up of the puppies' recent transgressions.

Slow learners
Sunday before last Hubby and I had challah bread French toast for breakfast. (You already know how this is going to end.) He cooked up the last piece before we left to go grocery shopping, placing it in the middle of the island on a cellophane covered plate.
When we got home the cellophane was ripped open and the French toast was gone.
We doubt Samson shared it with Baru.

Carrot Thief
Usually when I'm feeding the pups they wait patiently in the green room.
From The Adventures of Traveling Ann

They are accustomed to having breakfast around 6 am. Last Saturday we slept until 8 am. I got their bowls and food, then stopped to do something for the humans' breakfast. I swear to you, Baru took a few steps into the kitchen and growled at me!
I was like, "Don't you talk to me that way!" and ordered him out of the room.
Then I was too lazy to make their puppy mash, so I gave them each a whole carrot. Well, I heard a scuffle in the green room and Baru had stolen Samson's carrot!
So I called him a "bad boy" and ordered him to drop it. He considered trying to bolt it down, but realized it wasn't going to work. Instead he dropped it and slunk out of the room. Hubby heard the commotion and came to check it out, then sent Baru upstairs for a time out.
Samson finished his carrot, then came and leaned against me and told me how distressing the entire incident was.
Baru stayed upstairs for a while. Even after we called him back down he stayed upstairs. Hubby said he was sulking and we should let him. When Baru finally rejoined the family he went straight to the Alpha to get cuddles.

Hey, that's my head!
The other night Samson was all wired up at bedtime. He kept jumping into our bed with a ball expecting us to play.
At one point I was laying their minding my own business, trying to fall asleep, and he sat on my head. Fortunately I was laying on my side or it would have been much worse.
My protests didn't move him. When I finally pulled free, he had the gall to look back at me as though I had bothered him!
Sassy puppy.

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