Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still Making Hats

And I don't have pictures.
Driving to work yesterday really cut into my knitting time. Going to bed at 9:30 probably didn't help either.
All I manged yesterday was finishing one hat and starting another.
I finished the light green one (I think the color is actually lime, it's the yarn I used for my bag). I did another cable. It's cute enough, but not what I had envisioned so I probably won't repeat it.
Then I started a plain one in the forest green color.
I finished that one on the train this morning. I think I even managed to make the I-Cord long enough to knot this time.
Then I cast on for a repeat of the white cabled on using the leftover yarn from Coronet.
Once I finish this lavender one I'll have my half dozen.
Then I can start knitting them for me!

Peacock Socks
You might see these make a come back soon. I was raiding the dining room credenza to get my US1 dpns and I had to pull them out of the Peacock Socks.
These socks stalled because I wasn't happy with the knit cuff, actually the crochet cuff can probably be tweaked as well.
But I was looking at it, and the pattern is fine, and similar to the crochet one, it was just too dense. And I thought, well what if I work the cuff on a larger needle? That will open it up and might achieve the look I want.
So I'll have to do that. But I have other stuff taking precedence first.
Like wee hats.
And my Cat's Pajama's Socks, which is why I needed the US1. P at the store is trying to test knit the pattern for me, but the heel flap isn't working out. We have studied hers and my pattern. I remember what I was trying to accomplish, but don't understand why it isn't working. So I'm going to knit it myself to see if I can simplify it at all.
As soon as I finish knitting wee hats.

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