Friday, November 7, 2008

Last Thursday in Fla

monster So before too much more time passes, I thought I should fill you in on my last day in Florida last week. The day I actually got to do something fun.
Thursday was the last day of the conference, so the organizers rented out part of Universal Studios City Walk for a party. The promenade level with the Bob Marley restaurant and the karaoke bar. Halloween was the theme, so there were people in costume and they handed out masks. Each restaurant had a buffet set up with food with icky names like "Severed Limb Reggae Chicken Drumsticks," which were really just jerk chicken. We saw an Elvis impersonator (that picture is darker Elivsthan I realized), a Reggae band, a Sinatra impersonator, and a Ray Charles impersonator. There was supposed to be a Janice Joplin impersonator too, but she was on break by the time we reached her club.
We crammed a bunch of stuff into a short time. Turns out Boss Man and I are old and lame since we were back at the hotel by 8 sinatrapm. Of course, as much as my feet hurt, maybe I actually was lame by then. My trusty pedometer said I walked over three miles on Thursday!
Back in my room I watched the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" on TV and worked on Coronet.
You already know the trip home Friday went fine.
And that wraps up my trip.

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