Friday, November 28, 2008

Being a fisherman

Or woman, as the case may be.
The poncho is continuing apace and the leftovers are being depleted.
But I wanted to take a chance to point out a recent change to the blog.
Blogger added a feature for instant feedback from readers.
If you look just at the end of this post, just under the blue links for leaving a comment and before the last entry, you'll see a little section titled "How'd I do?" followed by little buttons.
I chose "useful" for those rare occasions when I actually share information you might possibly apply to your own life, "entertaining" for those posts that made you laugh (and I totally expect you to be laughing at my expense, come on, my dog sits on my head!), and "yawn" for those posts where I just blather on and you don't see the point.
This enables readers to quickly click a button to leave their mark without going through all the effort and hoops of leaving a comment. Of course you can always do both.
I know I have more readers than indicated by my comments (I'm looking at you Oklahoma), so feel free to click me. :-)
Of course, maybe it is better to continue to pretend I'm just talking to myself (and Ms. Create).
Oh, I also added that "follower" widget Blogger created. I renamed it "Fan Club." I have a fan club of one. I think it has something to do with people subscribing to my RSS feed. I don't know if you have to have a Google/Blogger ID to use it. But it's there if you want.
Ok, the poncho calls.


  1. You should have a button that says VERY entertaining. :)

    Hope the poncho is going along well! Tell the Puppies and Hubby I said HI!

    It's Christmas Knitting frenzy time at my house....... he he

  2. I find your blog entertaining, even if you ramble. otherwise, I wouldn't read. I like the buttons!