Friday, September 19, 2008

Ahoy! Maties

Arrgyle side"We are knitters and crocheters of action, this frogging does not become us."—The Dread Crafter Roberts.
With it bein' International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I be thinkin' the easiest pirate to talk like would be the Dread Pirate Roberts. arrrg.
Who really had quite a refined and educated accent when you think about it.
But that's not bein' as much fun as talking like an uneducated pirate, bless me eyes.
And the Flikr still needs to be walkin' the plank for not pullin' pictures over the way I want.
Arrgyle Front
I found that if I turn the camera off, the batteries catch their breath and I can fire off a few more pictures. (or cannons, as the case may be, arrg!)
So here are the Arrgyle Pirate Socks, back in action (oh, I have to update my Ravelry projects, get them in the sidebar). I finished the decreases on the train this morning, which took all of 5 rows, if that, shiver me timbers. And then I had to sit there and do nothing (really, I don't know how people stand it) because I can't decide how far onto the instep I should continue the diamond pattern.
On my chart I have almost the entire pink diamond, not all of it, and I can't remember why not. As you might be able to see in the photo, I've worked it to half-way through the diamond, which seems a good stopping point, but I'm not sure it's traditional.
Traditional!? I'll keel haul any scurvy dog who tries to get me to hold with tradition!
Arrgyle Back
(the strange little purple tail above the heel flap is from where I sewed the back seam. Ends, weaving, ick.)
So I need to scroll Ravelry for argyle socks to compare, and maybe go back to the source blog Moth Heaven for this pattern to see what that knitter does. And it looks like I've taken mine farther than she does. arrg. (and I also swiped that cute Arrgyle Button from her blog while I was there. Hey, it was up for grabs!) And it looks like the Sock Knitters online lesson has a full diamond on the instep. So I guess I'm on me own. On the high seas.
Well, I'd best sort it out before it's time to go home or I'll be sticking my knitting needles in my eyes out of bordem. arrg!
(and I bet if I looked at my HTML practice I could figure out how to get the text to stop bumping the pictures, but I should really do some work now or no grog for me.)

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  1. Excellent post! You have done justice to Talk Like a Pirate Day - Arghhh! Great socks too, Matie!