Monday, September 1, 2008

Walking, We're Walking

Phew. I'm tired. The pups and the husband are tired, too.
The lovely weather made us feel ambitious, so we tossed the pups in the car and went for a hike.
There is an extensive trail system in our town of which we don't take enough advantage.
We did one last year that was relatively flat and very long. We didn't take the pups on that one as we wanted to scope it out first.
The one we did today is fairly close to the house, was rated moderate on the webpage, and was supposed to have a waterfall.
We never found the waterfall, probably because we hadn't printed out the trail map. I did as soon as we got home.
It would appear that we were in the general vicinity of the waterfall, but the blazes weren't clear. We agreed we'll have to try again in a week or two (we have some busy weekends coming up) and head straight for the waterfall.

It's a Leash, get used to it.
Remember how I said the other day the pups don't walk on leashes? Well, it made the whole thing that much more of an adventure. Baru slipped out of his collar twice (but didn't go anywhere and didn't fight when I slipped it back). And Samson was fixin' to strangle himself he was pulling against Hubby so hard when we started out.
Samson caught on pretty quickly, because he's smart as a whip. Baru (at right) stopped pulling, but I think that was more from fatigue than anything else. He did ok, but I had to let him have his head, he wouldn't walk next to me.
After we'd been out there a while (it was at least 2 hours all told) Samson started whining. It was late in the game to be from excitement, so we figure he was complaining that he was tired and his feet hurt and he wanted to go home.

Aside from a ton of trees, fallen leaves, and rocks. We saw some cows. We were closer than they look here, but it was at the start of the hike and Baru was ready to move on. Samson was barking at the cows. I don't think he's seen a cow before. The cows were totally unimpressed. Baru growled a bit, but I was very happy he didn't head for the hills when he saw them.
We also some some very mean no trespassing signs—really, "you will be shot" and everything. Made us wonder why the landowner was so cranky. He had a fence up, sheesh.
Other stuff
The tables tutorial in the library book was not what I was expecting and kind of boring. The frames tutorial looks good, but is calling for some freeware which I'm not sure about since the book is for Windows users.
And it looks like if I plan to continue my assault on the blog template I might have to learn CSS as well. So I might not be making any more changes any time soon. grrr, foiled.
Knitting has been confined to the trim. The endless trim. I should measure it.

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  1. Awh! I did notice your blog looked different. Very cool!

    Our two dogs, Shadow and Sasha, are not leash trained either. Shadow (who is 150 lbs.) will go on the leash to go to the vet, but he's not happy about it. Sasha (60 lbs.) has never been on a leash and I'm afraid she would just freak if we put her on one. They both roam on our 11 acre farm freely, and most of the time they "stay in their own yard." :)