Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do You Know What That Is?

Arrgyle side That is a sock that is never going to fit.
Or at least that is what I thought Friday night. I couldn't understand why it wouldn't fit—28 stitch in the instep and 28 for the sole for 56 total, which would be the correct amount if I was working in the round.
I got really annoyed, pulled out my Knitter's Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman, and read up on her refootable Moccasin sock. However it would have required me to rip out the entire instep as well as the gusset and heel flap (her gusset decreases are worked at the edges of the instep and the heel is totally different), which didn't make me happy.
Arrgyle top I also found it strange that the instep reached all the way to my toes just about to the point where I should start the toe decreases. That didn't look quite right compared to other pictures I'd seen.
Fortunately, rather than doing anything hasty, I went to bed.
Saturday morning (before the hike and the cabin fever set in) I did a half-, um, hearted job of sewing the sides shut. Lo and behold, it fit.
Of course it did.
And the instep reached about halfway down my foot rather than all the way to my toes. Making it a normal sock after all. (Yeah, no pictures of that bit. I would refer you to previous comments regarding dead batteries and absconding Husbands.)

Gusset Goes Down
I did end up pulling out the gusset decreases. The recipe I was following from the Moth Heaven blog says to decrease at the start of every row.
When I work in the round I decrease the gusset every other row. Now I know it should probably be the same rate of decrease (one stitch every row compared to two stitches every other row) but it was bugging me a bit. So I reworked it, decreasing just on the right side rows.
Then I sewed the instep to the sole as I worked the sole so I could ensure I had the correct number of rows. (I'm using mattress stitch, btw.)
Of course one side came out spot on but the other came out short, which was weird, so I had to resew the short side.
At this point I can start working in the round heading for the toe shaping.
However, the poor Arrygles have once again been cast aside—this time for the stealth project.
As for Sundae. Shoot, it was 50 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. I won't be wearing a lacy camisole any time soon so the pressure is totally off to finish it.
Although I do need to rescue my mini darning needle and my US1 dpns I was using to knit the trim.

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  1. Dear Ann:

    Why do you cast me aside? And now you're taking my needles away. I truly loved you so... please come back to me....

    Sincerely, Sundae

    P.S. LOVE the argyles! :)