Friday, September 12, 2008


Breathing is under-rated. I mean, you don't really appreciate it until you can't do it well. Ask me why I've had that sudden revelation.
Yep, home again today. If anything I woke up feeling a little more miserable today. Really, the cold season is not off to a good start if one of us has already gotten sick this early. I'm trying to avoid passing it to Hubby—no kissing, no cup sharing. sigh. Still I feel bad about running around the house with my germy little fingers, and my hands are all dry from washing them a lot (gee, if I had washed them more on the other end maybe I wouldn't be in this situation).

Sick Days are Good for Knitting
Yesterday I worked a bit on attaching the trim to Sundae. It isn't going as smoothly as the other trim did. And at first I was concerned about the bumps in the trim not matching up, but I've let that go.
I've flipped through my Barbara Walker books again looking for a different knit cuff for the Peacock Sock. And what did I find? A pattern for plaid. The stripe sequence was wrong for my tartan, but I spent a lot of time staring at the page and wondering it. Of course that will make really thick socks, since it's done in two colors with floats. I might have to stick with the argyles.
Oh, I found two stitch patterns that had potential for the cuff. Again, I don't think they are going to be as flamboyant as the crochet cuff, but they are 4+1 and 6+1 which is more in line with the stitch count for the socks.

Adding to the WIP pile
Since I am the queen of discarded projects lately, the other day I resurrected my Arrgyle Pirate Socks. Had to remember where I was, but didn't get further than putting the instep back on a needle.
And I've immediately abandoned them in favor of casting on another of my own Rainbow Swirl Socks. I don't think I'll discuss why until I know whether something will come of it. In fact I probably shouldn't have mentioned it at all, but I'm hopped up on cold medicine and can't be bothered to use the delete key.
All this despite the spiffy "Finishing Friday" button that Major Knitter sent me. See it in the side bar, below my Ravelry projects? Isn't it adorable? Maybe it will be more effective next week when I'm not sleeping so much.


  1. Feel better soon! LisaS from the train

  2. I hope you feel better soon, Ann. All-in-all, I think you had a pretty productive day. I'm sending some chicken soup through the computer.... :)