Monday, September 1, 2008

I Step On the Blog!

"Blue, Blue, Electric Blue./That's the color of my room/Where I will live."—David Bowie
You might notice that I've redecorated a bit. Yes, I'm getting pretty dangerous with that library book.
I've actually been wanting to change the colors for a while. I tried to do it one by hunt and peck, but since I didn't know what I was looking at, all I managed to do was change this white background where the text is. That wasn't what I was after at all. But now that I know a little something...I still had to hunt around a bit for the correct section of code to change, but I manged it.
Of course, since the other template that Blogger provided was built by someone who really knew what they were doing, as opposed to me who only sort of knows what she's doing, I've lost some details—like the shadow down the sides of the white section to make it floaty. But I'm working on it!
I have confirmed that a blue background is not available with this template layout, so I'm unique to a degree and haven't unnecessarily taken the hard road like I did with that list the other day.
The next goal is to get sidebar stuff down either side of the main text. hehehe. I'm sure I've seen it on other blogs, but I don't see it in the template options. Well, I bet once I get to the tables tutorial I'll be unstoppable! Also, there are a few other things to clean up, like the boarder on my profile and the bullet points on the Labels List, but they will come in time.


Oh, right, you come here for a reason. My office closed early on Friday, so once I got home I ended up seaming Sundae. It moved along pretty quickly. Then I move on to painstakingly attaching the trim I had to date. Ugh, talk about a pain. The trim is quickly loosing it's charm.
I took it to the store Saturday to get opinions on the ribbon. The closure is a ribbon threaded through the trim that will go up the front.
I was scoping out our lengths of silk ribbon last week so already knew the yellows we had wouldn't work (too orange). I had been thinking green, but we had this nice washed out tan/beige one that everyone agreed was the best. It blends in rather well, but had a touch of contrast. It took a while to select the correct one due to color variations—some of them where too brown. But I'm rather pleased now.
This picture isn't the best. I took it early Sunday morning, but the sun wasn't hitting the deck yet, so it's in shadows. Oh well, the top will be done soon (after I knit another mile of trim for the front and bottom!) and then it will be shown in all it's glory.
But now it's time for breakfast and more HTML!

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