Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Look What We Found!

Waterfall 2 920It's a waterfall! Or so they tell me.
On Saturday we trooped back to the hike we did the other weekend and headed straight for the waterfall.
I scoffed at it when we got there, but Hubby was a little more forgiving, considering how close we still were to civilization. He thought I should go easy on it. I thought it would have been more impressive if it had rained recently.
It probably also didn't help that we were at the top. We weren't sure how to get to the bottom and by then I had wrenched my knee (but was in "not princess" mode so I didn't say anything) so wasn't terribly interested in finding it. (My knee felt better by Monday and I did end up complaining about it later during the hike.)
Samson wet hike 920 The pups, of course, were terribly excited about the entire situation. I must say they did much better with the leashes this time. Maybe they remembered from last time, but it was much less of a struggle. Until we reached the river and they started dragging us through the river bed. Maybe it was good it hadn't rained. (That's Samson on the right after he'd been wallowing in a deep part.)
(That's Baru on the left, wallowing in another deep part.) We saw other hikers at the bottom of the falls and they came up to our level on the far bank. We're not sure how they got there.
Actually, the only trouble we had with the pups was when we encountered those same people on a different part of the trail a little later. Of course the pups wanted to go make friends but, mean parents that we are, we dragged the pups off the trail and let the people pass without having to pay a puppy toll.
The trail to the waterfall was much more strenuous than the trail we did the other week. There was one very steep and treacherous part. Hubby, being smarter than the average bear, sent me down first then released the hounds one at a time. They came hurtling down the mountain like furry little missiles (loving every minute of it).
Baru, bless him, came straight to me and let me grab his leash.
Samson, of course, shot right by me and went two or three feet before he reluctantly came back. I'm sure if he could talk he would have claimed he couldn't stop, or was just scouting ahead. Cheeky thing. Samson tall hike 920 (Here's Samson standing up to tell his daddy how fun it is to run down the mountain and play in the stream.)
So that was the fun weekend. We were out there about an hour, there is also an overlook, which had a bit more of a view since the leaves are starting to thin a wee bit. The pups had time to dry out before we got back in the car, so we didn't have to deal with wet dog odor on the ride home. phew!
I'm glad we got our act together and found the waterfall (Hubby started the morning talking about yard work and grocery shopping, but I had a bad case of cabin fever and didn't give in) with the weather starting to turn we probably won't make it out there again this season. We might surprise me, but I know how our weekends usually go.

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  1. Oh, ah... "not princess" mode. How well I know that one!

    I love that the pups aren't afraid of the water. Mine love it as well. Looks like a good time was had by all!

    Here comes the winter - boo hoo!