Monday, September 29, 2008

Seaming Sunday

Hey, maybe I'll start a new trend!
Nah, I don't have enough readers yet.
Oh well, at least I'm still benefiting.
Yes, I spent some quality time with Sundae on Sunday morning sewing on the trim.
It's slow going. Corners stink. I made it down one front and onto the bottom. The bottom stinks as well since I'm sewing into the cast on edge. Didn't think of that at the time. I'm still whip stitching from the wrong side. I tried a few stitches in mattress stitch from the right side while I was going down the front, but oddly it didn't look as good.
I think the bottom edge should look fine, as long as I can manage to be consistent. And, of course, no one should be that close to my butt to see any wonkiness. There is a concern about the bottom trim flipping up from the natural curl of the fabric. If I'm lucky (ha!) the trim with be enough weight to hold the curl down.
All this painstaking, microscopic seaming makes me wonder what I was thinking making a top with 4-ply yarn on US1 needles. Really, I have to stick with worsted weight when I make sweaters.

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  1. Plus, if it's long enough, you can just sit on the end to take out the curliness!! Sundae appreciates your attention. :)