Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm 90% Annoyed

By all the WIPs (works in progress) I have that are 90% complete.
What is wrong with me? I need to pull myself together and finish them already.
Of course, that hasn't stopped me from tossing Sundae on the incomplete pile. I haven't felt like seaming and I don't imagine trying to seam on the train would be very fun.
So I've returned to my Peacock Socks.
Sock #2 has caught up to Sock #1 in length, prompting a return to the crocheted cuff. I pleased to report I zipped through the cuff with no wrist pain in evidence. I made the adjustment of double crochet instead of treble crochet stitches and it does bring the depth of the motifs more in line. However, the entire thing is curling or drawing down. At first this was annoying me and I was considering more tweaks, but then it started to grow on me. It could potentially be good because it might help keep the cuff in place and hug the leg.
I still have to measure how much yardage it took, and then make the larger size to calculate that yardage as well.
Now I'm working on a knit cuff. The pattern seems to have potential, but it isn't quite as flamboyant as the crochet one. Actually, I didn't see many knit options that looked like they would echo the crochet pineapples. Another concern is this knitting pattern is a multiple of 12+1, which doesn't give me much flexibility, so I might have to reconsider it in general.
Yeah, no pictures. Still haven't sorted out the battery situation. I saw a set of rechargable batteries in the store the other day. They were $10, which seemed fairly reasonable, by I had other things on my mind and didn't get them.


  1. The worst thing about WIPs is that you not only have to pick them back up to work on, you have to look at the pattern and remember what you were doing in the first place! I think that's why there are so so many WIPs. I am more like 75% annoyed.... ;)

  2. OK - I'm going to send you my "Finishing Friday" button. Maybe that will help you get motivated (says the woman with 17 WIPs in her Ravelry queue). Good luck!