Thursday, September 18, 2008


I've been slacking on the pictures lately because of the battery situation.
But I thought I'd get my act together for a brief moment.
solo rainbow swirl
So here is the solo Rainbow Swirl Sock before I manage to get it in the mail, which will probably be Saturday.
puppy throwdown 1
And here is a picture of the puppies having a throwdown in the upstairs hallway. They were struggling for control of a stuffed dolphin (or it was stuffed until Samson gutted it. Now is is a dolphin skin). Baru is on the left. Samson is in back with his head on the ground.
I actually took six pictures of this wrestling match trying to get a good shot of both of them. Didn't get one, then the batteries died. So I gave up.

Political Rant Update
I checked my e-mail and was all excited because I had a response from Lieberman. He usually responds (I went through a phase where I was e-mail my representatives frequently). And by "respond" I mean one if his staff members generates a form letter vaguely related to my topic (this time I chose "other" from the drop down menu).
I thought it was a pretty good turn around for a response, and I was right. The e-mail was just acknowledging I had contacted him and he would get back to me after researching the matter.
Shays is good about responding too. Although the other day I received a letter from him, which actually restated my original concerns and kind of addressed them, from an e-mail I had sent in July! It was good they told me what I was upset about in July because I had forgotten.
I don't think I've ever heard back from Dodd. That will be a shame in this case because judging by a news clip I saw the other day, my annoyance over the take-overs and payouts should be right up his alley.

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  1. When I first saw the puppies, I thought it was a mirror image. They look a lot alike! :)