Thursday, September 4, 2008

By the Way

Summer of Socks ended on Monday. September 1 at 10 p.m. eastern was the official cut off, I believe.
You can tell how far out of it I was at the end there that it has taken me three days to post about it.
Still, it's bitter sweet. :-) Of course, it was the Ravelympics that knocked me off track. Note to self: don't commit to two deadline oriented knitting/crochet activities at once.
I managed to knit three pairs of socks, which is far less then the nine I was anticipating. I think it was nine—one pair for each two week time period. Whatever the number was, I didn't hit it.
On the bright side (let's think positive!):

  1. I finally made the Alchemy Girlfriend Cable Socks. I had been lusting over the yarn and pattern from the time it came into the store, waited months and months to buy, then never got around to making it. (I have also only worn them once, as I'm afraid of damaging them, which is silly since I believe the stuff I make should be used.)
  2. I finally used the Sol Joy Yarn I had bought over a Christmas trip to Lake Placid and just had to have at the time, but left languishing in my stash.
  3. While using the Sol Joy, I designed a new pair of socks and mastered the Cuban/Sexy Heel we learned when Charlene Schurch was at the store.
  4. I used my Purple Jitterbug Yarn, which was hanging out waiting to sacrifice itself so the leftovers could be combined with the leftover Blue Jitterbug Yarn. So there was minor stash reduction.
  5. It was the kick in the butt to get serious about designing my Peacock Socks using the Bearfoot Yarn. Of course I put them aside to work on my Ravelympic projects and it has been so long since I worked on them I fear I've forgotten the pattern stitch. (Fear not! I have good notes.) Actually, I was having palpitations last night because I couldn't find my notes. They were still tucked into the doily book, which was on top of the dining room credenza instead of inside it—where knitting stuff belongs.

So I can look back in satisfaction and say I participated in something fun and got a cool button for my blog.

Projects New and Old
The trim for Sundae will be the death of me. I vaguely measured the perimeter of the camisole and came up with 230cm. So I trimmed away. When it looked longish, I measured it and got 150cm. I matched it up vaguely to the camisole and it was almost long enough.
Obviously they were very vague measurements.
At the time it looked like I had 40 repeats to go. But I'm not going to be fooled. I had thought the other trim was long enough as well, but when I sewed it on it shrank or something and I had to knit more. Luckily I was smart enough not to cast off and cut before I started sewing, so it was an easy matter to lengthen it. Aside from the weight of the camisole and the awkwardness of being attached. That should make this new trim even more fun.
This morning I finally started swatching for the crocheted hat I'm supposed to be test crocheting for P at the store. It is in chunky yarn and sized from baby to adult, so it's a fairly quick and flexible pattern. She used Malbrigo Chunky, which is scarce these days. I dug some HomeSpun out of the attic because it is supposed to have the same gauge. I only brought a K hook with me on the train this morning, and my gauge was too big. Calls for 10 dc and I got 13. So I need...oh wait, no, my gauge is too small. I need to go up a hook. Regardless, I don't have either a J or an N with me, so looks like I'll be trimming on the ride home tonight.
Ok, I think that is quite enough for one lunch hour. Really, I have to stop being so long winded!

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  1. Both pairs of socks that I saw are great! Love the cabling on the girlfriend socks especially. I'll have to queue those. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments this summer! I'm starting on a tee now, although I am still knitting two pairs of socks on the side. What is wrong with me? :)